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Is Branding Important For Affiliates?

Contrary to popular opinion and belief, affiliate marketing and branding do go hand-in-hand. The common misconception is that affiliates don’t need to make an effort with branding because they don’t actually sell any products or services. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The lowest-earning affiliates tend to skip the branding side of their business. It’s probably a contributing factor to why they’re lower-earning affiliates in the first place.

Branding and beautiful logo design can have a huger impact on your affiliate marketing business. For one, it helps establish authority and build credibility with your readers, resulting in more leads and affiliate commissions. There are plenty of logo maker services (such as Juicy)¬†out there that don’t cost a bomb so there’s no excuse not to get one designed for your business.

Why You Need Branding As An Affiliate

What was the last major thing you bought online? Let’s say it was a vacuum cleaner. I’m sure you did a little bit of research online before purchasing something. Even if you did end up buying it from the store, you probably pre-sold the product to yourself online.

My first point of call would be Amazon (it pretty much is for most things). Why? Because I know the reviews are legitimate. Looking on Amazon prevents me from wasting my money on products that won’t stand the test of time. Amazon also has a great returns policy and fantastic customer service. This makes me happy to return to the site time and time again to purchase products.

What has this got to do with branding my affiliate site? Actually quite a lot!

Picture yourself being new to the world of body-building. You’re intrigued by it but you don’t know much about it yet. You’re eager to learn more! You come across a website that’s all about nutrition and lean muscle gains. The site is unbranded and fairly plain looking but the content is great. You check out some great articles, read some product reviews and decide to buy something.

After this, you shut your computer down and open it up the next day. You remember that you wanted to order BCAA’s too but you can’t for the life of you remember what that site was called. Before you know it, you’re back on Google but this time you end up on someone else’s website. You go on to purchase your BCAA’s from another affiliate website.

This other website was a little different. It has a clearly defined brand that stands out. It has a striking logo of two dumbbells crossed together. You decide to sign up for the newsletter to get more bulking tips straight into your inbox. Over the next few weeks, you receive emails from this memorable affiliate site with insightful information on bulking and nutrition. This affiliate site becomes your new favourite. You visit the site time and time again every time you need anything fitness related.

This is the site that gets the repeat sales. They establish their brand with a strong, striking logo. Their site has personality and they incentivise you to sign up to their email list so they can continue sending you valuable information.

This is why your affiliate site needs branding. It puts you well ahead of the competition.

Best Affiliate Sites For Branding

best affiliate sites for branding

Branding tends to work best on sites that cover a general niche. If you have a niche site like “Quest Nutrition Bar Reviews” you’ll struggle to establish yourself as a brand because you’re clearly promoting one brand of product.

This also puts you in a negative light as you’ll look super-biased towards that one brand. Readers will feel like you have an incentive to write positive reviews about the products you’re recommending. Visitors don’t like this type of site and Google doesn’t either.

Another good thing about having a more general affiliate website is the opportunity to include more brands in your reviews in the future. This is great for future growth of your affiliate website and it avoids you having problems if your main brand goes into administration or stops their affiliate program.

Logo Design Fundamentals

Let’s talk about logos.

There are logo design services for all types of businesses. Some companies specialise in creating logos for certain industries. Others cover more of a broad range of services. One of our favourite logo design companies’ is Juicy logos. They create all kinds of beautiful logo designs. From riveting restaurant logos to fashion and photography. There’s something for everyone.

Picking a Name

Before you think about getting in touch with a designer, you need to think about a name for your domain. Come up with something catchy and memorable. Make sure the domain name isn’t too long and doesn’t contain any swear words, or words that people might spell wrong.

The next thing to decide is whether you want to incorporate your domain name extension into your logo. You should also check for any trademarks that exist on the name you’ve chosen. You should consider whether you’d like to submit your own application also.

Brand Messaging

How do you want your brand to be portrayed? What type of emotions do you want your brand to invoke? Do you want it to appear humorous, professional, quirky or something else altogether?

Where will your logo be placed? If you plan to use your logo in things like business cards, it’s a good idea to create a unique symbol that you customers will instantly recognise.

Will your logo have a slogan? If so what will it be? What feelings are they supposed to invoke?

You’ll want to start sketching out ideas for your logo. If you don’t feel creative enough for that you can always do some Googling to find some logo inspiration. After this, you’ll want to start working with a designer to create the logo of your dreams!


If you don’t recognise any of the above brands, you’ve definitely been living under a rock for most of your life. These brands are perfect examples of how powerful a simple symbol can be for a business. Instantly recognisable and memorable. When it comes to logos, less is normally more. Try not to overcomplicate your design or you might end up confusing your readers completely. You’ll know when you’ve got the right design as it’ll jump out at you.


Branding is very important if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. After all, you’ll need something unique to separate yourself from the rest of the competition. Apart from branding, SEO forms the other half of your foundation to a successful affiliate website. There are plenty of SEO agencies that work with affiliate marketing websites. Bubblelocal is one such agency that specialises in growing the SERP presence for affiliate sites.

Either way, it’s best to do your own research and find something that suits you!

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