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Welcome to Catalyst For Thought! My name is Mehmet! On this website you will find content relating to all things technology.

A little bit about me: 

As a young lad I was always curious about technology. The fascination I had led me to become a bit of a computer geek! I was always fixing things when they broke, more specifically anything to do with computers. I was that “go to guy” when it came to fixing any IT problems in and around the house. I naturally cultivated this problem-solving mentality that helped me master some of the most common problems that came up with the computer and the internet in general.

Over the last twenty years or so, our world has completely transformed around us. Technology has transformed the way we eat, shop, travel and pretty much everything else we do in our lives. The impact technology has had on us is absolutely huge.

Twenty years ago, Windows 95 was launched. This was a time when the super-fast internet you’re enjoying didn’t even exist. In fact, most people didn’t even have dial up connections at this point. The creative minds behind Windows 95 were hoping that this new operating system would make computer programs attractive to the general public. At this point in time, not many people owned a personal computer, let alone send any email.

The release of Windows 95 was pretty successful. It made computers more user friendly for people that didn’t know much about them. Windows 95 was followed by the wildly successful Windows XP operating system, which is still being used by millions of people all over the world.

The launch of broadband completely transformed how we do almost everything in our lives. You can’t do much with a laptop or smartphone that doesn’t have an internet connection. Pretty much every single app required an internet connection to make use of all the features it has to offer.

Computers in 1995 required a solid investment for ownership. You were looking at around £1000 for a basic desktop machine and that didn’t even include a CD Drive or a modem.

A basic smartphone today is around 10x more powerful than a typical PC from 1995, and only costs around 1/10th of the price.

That’s progress!

Technology is moving very quickly and we have to constantly adapt to the far-reaching consequences of our technological advancement. Jobs that existed 10 years ago are now completed by robots. On the other side of coin though, complete industries have been created as a direct result of our advancement in technology.

A career in IT was fairly limited twenty years ago. Now there are millions of jobs in so many different sectors.

I wanted to create this blog to help keep people up to date on what’s going on in this fast-pacd digital world. I love talking about marketing, online business and computing so you’ll be seeing content on this nature being posted by me!