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Write For Us

I welcome guest post contributors that want to create and share high-quality content with my small readership.

Posting on Catalyst For Thought will be a great way for you to increase your visibility in the niche of tech and business.

The guidelines for posting on my site aren’t strict but please note the following: 

  • I like practical, actionable advice. Advice that can actually help make a difference to the reader.
  • Please write in a conversational tone, this is why I find works best with people.
  • I retain the rights to the content once it is posted on this blog. Please do not post it elsewhere.
  • Your posts should be 500-100 words. Bite-sized chunks of content that provide value to readers!

Should I contact your first? 

You can contact me with your guest post ideas or you can email a draft directly to me and I’ll provide feedback.

Can I include links?

Yes, as long as the links are relevant and they’re useful to the reader then you can link out the different websites in the content. Please note, only a maximum of four relevant links are allowed per post.

Blogging Style

Please don’t write in massive paragraphs. This is the biggest turn off for a reader. Write short sentences and don’t use overly complex language!

Once you submit your content to me and once I’m happy with everything then it’ll be scheduled for posting usually within 7 days.

You can email your guest post ideas directly to me on –